morocco travel packages

morocco travel packages

Morocco is a fantastic place with many interesting things to explore! It has cool stories, pretty views, and a special culture. We'd love for you to join us on a trip to uncover all of Morocco's hidden gems. Mirage Tours is a great company to travel with and they vow to show you an unforgettable adventure.

Visit Marrakech Morocco

Come to Marrakech with Mirage Tours and explore the busy city, see the old part called the Medina, and visit fancy palaces with the help of our guides. You can also see the Jardin Majorelle which is a mix of old and new styles and wonder at Bahia Palace’s amazing architecture.


Discover the Sahara Desert with Mirage Tours’ special tour. Watch the stunning sunrise over the sand dunes, ride on camels and enjoy traditional Berber hospitality while sitting under the stars. This adventure is an opportunity of a lifetime for those who love adventures and want to explore the desert.

Fes: Medina Magic

“Explore Fes with Mirage Tours. Our knowledgeable guides will help you discover the city’s rich history and culture. Visit the old medina and famous tanneries, and see the beautiful Moroccan artistry firsthand. Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see destination.”

chefchaouen morocco

Chefchaouen is a city in Morocco known for its blue-painted streets. It is nestled in the Rif Mountains. The city is very pretty and you can take many good photos there. It is also very relaxed and has a rich history.

morocco travel packages

Essaouira: Coastal Charms and Seaside Serenity
– Experience the coastal charms of Essaouira with Mirage Tours’ day trips to this vibrant port city.
– Wander through the lively souks, feel the ocean breeze at the fishing port, and relish the relaxing ambiance of this coastal gem.

Morocco’s allure lies in its diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and warm hospitality, which Mirage Tours brings to life with their expertly crafted tours. Join Mirage Tours on an immersive journey through the heart of Morocco, where you’ll uncover the country’s hidden gems and create lasting memories of a lifetime. Let the magic of Morocco unfold before your eyes with the expertise and care of Mirage Tours, as you embark on a captivating adventure that will forever hold a place in your heart.