How to travel with paper map

Traveling with a paper map can be a rewarding and reliable way to navigate, especially in areas with limited or no access to digital maps or when you want to have a tangible backup. Here's how to effectively use a paper map while traveling:

Obtain a Quality

Start by acquiring a detailed and up-to-date paper map of the region or area you plan to visit. You can get these from bookstores, tourism offices, gas stations, or online sources.

Understand the
Map Legend

Pay attention to the legend (key) on the map, which explains symbols and colors used for roads, topography, and landmarks.

Study the Map
& in Advance

Familiarize yourself with the map before your trip. Identify key landmarks, cities, and the general layout of the area you'll be exploring.

Mark Key

Use a highlighter or pen to mark important places, such as your destination, accommodations, and major attractions. This will make them easier to find quickly.

lan Your

Plan your routes in advance and mark them on the map. Include alternative routes in case of road closures or unexpected detours.


Learn how to use latitude and longitude coordinates on the map, which can help you pinpoint your exact location.

Compass and

Carry a compass to help you maintain your orientation. This is particularly useful in remote areas.

the Map

Learn how to use latitude and longitude coordinates on the map, which can help you pinpoint your exact location.

Update as
& You Go

As you travel, update your map with notes, additional landmarks, or changes in your itinerary. This can be helpful for future reference.

Use Local

Don't hesitate to ask locals for directions or help if you get lost. People in most places are often willing to assist travelers.

Protective Gear

To keep your map in good condition, consider using a map case or a plastic sleeve. This will protect it from rain, dirt, and wear and tear.

Combine with
Modern Tools

While using a paper map is valuable, it's a good idea to have a backup like a GPS device or a smartphone with offline maps in case of emergencies or if you need real-time information.

Map Reading

Before your trip, practice map reading skills so that you're comfortable using the map efficiently.

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Remember that using a paper map can be an adventure in itself, and it allows you to engage more deeply with your surroundings. Enjoy the journey and the sense of discovery that comes with navigating the old-fashioned way!

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