When is the best time to go to Marrakech?

Marrakech, a city in Morocco, has many fun things to do and see. It has a long history and pretty views, which attracts many visitors. But, the time of year you go can affect your trip. This guide will help you decide when to visit Marrakech by explaining each season and what it has to offer.

best time to visit marrakech

Spring: March to May - The Sweet Spot

Marrakech is a popular place to go in the spring. After a quiet winter, the city becomes more active. The weather is pleasant, which is perfect for checking out the busy markets. You can see what is going on and stroll around. In the gardens, Jardin Majorelle has lots of pretty flowers that are great for taking pictures too.

Summer: June to August - A Hot Adventure

Marrakech is a place where summer gets very hot, as the temperature can go above 38°C. You may not like to do things outside, but if you stay at a luxurious riad, with a pool, you can feel cool and relaxed. If you enjoy Ramadan customs, then it can be amazing to witness them during this month in Marrakech.

best time visit marrakech
best time visit marrakech

Autumn: September to November - Golden Days

Marrakech is cooler in Autumn and less busy than Spring, so it's a great time to visit. You can also enjoy tasty fresh fruit during harvest season.

Winter: December to February - A Desert Chill

In winter, Marrakech is cold, but some people visit at this time to explore a different side of the city. During the day, it's sunny which makes it an ideal moment to experience the desert. However, at night, the temperature can drop, so it's good to bring some warm clothes with you.

best time visit marrakech

Special Events and Considerations

  • Marrakech International Film Festival (December): If you’re a cinephile, attending this festival can be a unique experience.
  • Ramadan:
    Be mindful of Ramadan’s dates as it affects opening hours and dining options during the holy month.

best time to visit marrakech

Marrakech is a great place to visit. Spring or autumn is the best time, but you can go anytime. There are many things to do like visiting the old city, hiking nearby mountains or staying in a traditional house called a "riad". Marrakech is very special and beautiful so it's worth visiting any time of year.

best time visit marrakech